IBM InfoSphere: A Platform for Big Data Governance and Process Data Governance

by Sunil Soares
ISBN 978-1583473825, MC Press, February 2013
Abstract: Governance has taken a backseat to the analytics and technologies associated with big data. However, as big data projects become mainstream, we anticipate that privacy, stewardship, data quality, metadata, and information lifecycle management will coalesce into an emerging imperative for big data governance. Foreword from David Corrigan, Director, Product Marketing, InfoSphere
The importance and the role of a governance strategy are still not well understood. Information Governance is a business strategy that has a series of IT deliverables. Sunil has been one of the pioneers in this area, defining the Unified Information Governance Process several years ago. He defined several key steps, such as identifying a business problem and executive sponsor, setting up cross-functional governance boards, and measuring and communicating success. He has applied this process at hundreds of clients and has helped them achieve successful implementations. His approach can also be applied to governing big data. It has helped many organizations get the business involved in governance and establish trusted information for a key enterprise application.
In short, this process helps you move beyond an IT project toward a true business strategy. It helps by getting business executives and owners involved in the process of governing data. It helps ensure successful outcomes. Sunil, thank you for continuing to contribute to the discipline of Information Governance and move it into the new era of computing—the era of big data.
And to the readers of this book, remember that the competitive advantage you seek from insights garnered from big data has two components: big data analytics and trusted information. Information Governance creates trusted information from very uncertain sources, enabling you to trust and act upon the insights from analytics. I wish you well in your big data strategy.
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