Versant (Versant Object Database, FastObjects)

Versant (Versant Object Database, FastObjects)

High performance enterprise ODBMS for complex Java and C++ object models enabling large scalability,  high concurrency and high availaibility. FastObjects ODBMS for top performance in .NET applications.

Versant JPA version 0.9

Designed to manage complex object structures and relationships using the well-established Java programming standard, Versant JPA provides a foundation for real-time analytics with very large data sets by connecting to Versant’s high performance database.

Unique issues addressed in v0.9:

For build 706 (first 0.9 build)

For build 795 (latest 0.9 build)

Latest Getting Started Guide (requires login)

Latest Installation Guide (requires login)

Installers for Linux and WindowsDownload the Versant Object Database TechView Product Report.

Versant’s ODBMSs – Trial downloads.

Demo Video (Link): Using Versant-hands on distributed objects.

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