Dr. Giovanni Tummarello, SindiceTech

Giovanni Tummarello, Ph.D is cofounder and CTO of SindiceTech, a Irish startup specializing in infrastructures to manage Knowledge Graphs at “Big Data” scale. He has 12 years of experience leading teams to build big data semantic infrastructures including Sindice, the world largest Web-of-Data search engine (http://sindice.com) and a number of projects and product that were created from it first of all the “Siren” engine for semistructured data www.sirendb.com, but also http://sig.ma, the top level Apache project http://any23.org and more). He has over 80 scholarly publications,has received numerous awards and leads several national and EU level R&D projects. He also has a position at the Fondazione Bruno Kessler Institute as scientific manager for the “Web of Data” activity.

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