Dr. Ramendra K Sahoo, PwC

Dr. Ramendra K Sahoo is a Director in PwC’s Advanced Risk Analytics practice with a total of over twenty years of experience including sixteen years in client business solution development in the area of financial services, enterprise risk management and technology services domains. An expert in providing strategic business solutions,enterprise risk, planning and execution, using analytical tools, data mining, machine learning and statistical analysis techniques.
He has practical and in-depth knowledge of quantitative techniques including financial services regulatory analysis (Capital Assessment, Liquidity Risk, CCAR, Volcker Rule), Monte-Carlo simulations, segmentation, decision tree analysis applicable to banking, financial and IT services. Several of his patents, publications and invited presentations are based on these projects and initiatives.
Ram has a Ph.D. in Scientific Computing from Stony Brook and MBA in Finance and Strategy from Cornell University, over and above a Master’s degree in engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Chennai (India) and a BE in Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Technology Durgapur (India). He is Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certified, active within risk and analytics professional community and affiliated with Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP), KDD and IEEE.

Areas of Expertise: Enterprise Risk Management, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning & Algorithms, Quantitative Methods, Business Analytics, Financial Services, Fixed Income, Regulatory Compliance, Credit Risk Technology, Fraud Analytics and Business Process Optimization

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