Antonello Ceravola, Honda Research Institute Europe

Antonello Ceravola,Principal Scientist, Honda Research Institute Europe

Antonello Ceravola holds an MBA at Warwick Business School in UK and studied Computer Science at the University of Pisa, Italy. He worked in the field of IT software for five years dealing with multimedia systems, large scale software infrastructures for telecommunication systems, multi-tier applications and and workflow engines for process management systems.
From 2001 he joined Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH where he is currently Principal Scientist, leading several projects on automotive intelligent systems, autonomous driving, real-time parallel middlewares, integration infrastructures and social networking services for business.He is a reference person for new technologies, new trends and advanced software technology at international level at Honda.
His research interest includes software component engineering, new development methodologies, real-time computing,
robotics and car platforms, middleware, integration environments and biologically inspired software systems.

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