Dr. Milorad Krneta, Soft10 Inc.

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Milorad Krneta, PH.D, Soft10 Inc.

A serial Innovator and entrepreneur of an ever-smarter, self-learning algorithm software in the field of predictive analytics and data mining. In the first 20 years of his working life, Dr. Krneta was a scientist and university professor in Europe.

Based on his self-learning software – Dr. Krneta founded, developed and sold two companies in Canada. For the first – 9 years, Dr. Krneta’s first company, Generation 5, was the recipient of a National Research Council of Canada’s $1M annual grant, for advancing science in the industry. Then, Dr. Krneta developed the following commercial software tools: “A Software Tool for Applied Stochastic Process”, in 1994;“A Self-Learning Decision Tree Multiple Interaction Detection” , in 1996; “An Automatic Population Projection System”, in 1999; “MWM-Automatic Prediction”, in  2001; “Infer Engine- Automatic Real-Time Bidding”, in 2010.

In 2014,, Dr. Krneta founded his 3rd company, Soft10 Inc., based in Boston, USA.
Soft10 Inc. creates, develops and sell Dr. Krneta’s 3rd generation of self-learning, data mining software called: Dr. Mo. Dr. Mo is able to produce Super Predictions automatically, using a proprietary Multi-Modelling technology. Dr. Mo’s another unique ability, called data agnostic or to use any database size, any type of data and automatically treat missing values.
Super Predictions are far more precise and faster than any Best One Model technology. Dr. Mo is extensively tested, for example: medical diagnostics, stock prices, best customer, loan defaults, hospital re-admission, health-risk, supply-chain optimization, OLAP targeting etc. Also, Social Media targeting can now become a reality in the present…not the future!

Dr. Krneta’s personal goal is to offer Dr. Mo software as the Big Data Automatic Predictive Analytics Solution available to all. Dr. Mo is enabling companies, big and small, to use all their available data in the most efficient ways.

Even more exciting is the infinite scalability that Dr. Mo software will bring to 97% of the companies which do not currently have any analytic capabilities at all, enabling them to now do Big Data predictive analytics.

Finally, Dr. Mo will also enable ALL professionals to practice Big Data predictive analytics. Where there is a huge gap/shortage of data scientists in the market today.

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