Orlando Agrippa, Draper & Dash

Orlando Agrippa CEO Draper & Dash – Leading Healthcare Analytics Solutions Provider.
With a track record of turnaround senior management success in both private and public sector organisations of varying scale and complexity, Orlando has transformed the delivery of services and implementation processes to deliver lasting improvements. He has led services within organisations that faced financial and performance delivery challenges and have delivered award winning improvements through the use of hands on delivery, clear leadership, stakeholder engagement, communication and negotiation skills. Orlando has championed turnaround strategies within multimillion pound organisations to drive up performance and visibility.
With almost 10 years of experience in the delivery of Business Informatics, 2 years of Retail Sales and Marketing and a working history with diverse groups of professionals. He has supported a host of NHS organisations with a wealth of knowledge around the seamless planning, development and delivery of Business Informatics through QlikView Business Intelligence and other platforms. Orlando also have the privilege of being only NHS /healthcare chartered luminary representative for Europe, among 10 chartered luminaries globally.
Orlando now runs the healthcare analytics company, Draper & Dash, as CEO, where he spends most of his time working with his internal management, business development and delivery teams on ensuring that the solutions they deliver provides value to their clients and patients.

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