Splice Machine Hadoop RDBMS

Splice Machine

delivers a database solution that incorporates the scalability of Hadoop, the standard ANSI SQL and ACID transactions of an RDBMS and the distributed computing power of HBase.

It is designed to scale real-time applications using commodity hardware without application rewrites. The goal is to provide companies with a high-performance, massively scalable database for applications that doesn’t require you to compromise SQL support, secondary indexes, joins, and transactions.

Why Splice: RDBMSs Under Siege

Exploding data volumes are pushing cost and scaling issues to the forefront for RDBMSs like Oracle®, MySQL™, IBM DB2® and Microsoft SQL Server®. Trying to avoid the massive costs to scale up, companies have turned to a dizzying array of NoSQL databases and Hadoop-based solutions that scale well but have major shortcomings when it comes to universal SQL access, performance and consistency.


Learn Why Harte Hanks Chose Splice Machine to Replace Oracle
Harte Hanks is replacing the Oracle RAC databases powering its campaign management solution with the Splice Machine Hadoop RDBMS, enabling them to affordably scale out their databases for increasing data volumes.

LINK to download the full case study (Registration required).

Scale Up vs. Out White Paper
Organizations are now looking for ways to handle exploding data volumes while reducing costs and maintaining performance.  Managing large volumes and achieving high levels of concurrency on traditional scale up databases, such as Oracle, often means purchasing expensive scale-up hardware.
In this white paper, learn about the different options and benefits of scale out solutions for Oracle database users.
Link to download the white paper (registration required)

– Ovum On the Radar Report: Splice Machine
Ovum, a leading global technology research and advisory firm, has published an On the Radar report about Splice Machine that discusses Splice Machine’s position as the first OLTP SQL database running on Hadoop.
Download the report  (registration required) to learn more from Ovum about:

  • How Splice Machine turns Hadoop into a SQL OLTP database
  • Where Splice Machine fits in the emerging market for distributed, Internet-scale transaction-processing platforms
  • How Splice Machine differentiates from other emerging NewSQL and NoSQL distributed, transaction-processing platforms

White Paper: Replace your Oracle and MySQL Databases with a Real-Time SQL-on-Hadoop Database
Splice Machine is the only Hadoop RDBMS designed to scale real-time applications with commodity hardware without needing rewrites.
Splice Machine is replacing traditional RDBMSs such as Oracle, MySQL, IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server databases that are experiencing scaling or cost issues. As a full-featured SQL-on-Hadoop RDBMS with ACID transactions, Splice Machine helps customer power real-time applications and operational analytics.

This white paper introduces you to Splice Machine, the only Hadoop RDBMS. It includes:
Technology Overview
Use Cases by industry and technology
A comparison to other SQL-on-Hadoop technologies
Read this white paper to get a better understanding of Splice Machine and how it may support your business needs.
Link to Download the White Paper (registration required)

DOWNLOAD Software (registration required)
Try the only Hadoop RDBMS for yourself.
The download is for a standalone version that will allow you perform functional testing of Splice Machine. After trying the standalone version, you can contact us if you would like to try the cluster version.

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