MarkLogic 8: What’s new

MarkLogic 8

Server version Date Revision
MarkLogic 8 February, 2015 Last Revised: 8.0-1, February, 2015

One Powerful Database Platform

MarkLogic now stores JSON natively, in addition to XML, RDF, geospatial data, and large binaries—this means more flexibility and easier data integration

Improved Developer Experience

Improved data access with the addition of Node.js and Server-Side JavaScript for developing powerful applications in the language of choice

Smarter Data for Smarter Apps

Apps powered by MarkLogic have more intelligence in the data layer, relying on innovative features such as Bitemporal and Semantics.


MarkLogic 8 provides more control and access with all the right APIs, the ability to quickly run complex queries, and the flexibility to manage data in the format that makes the most sense:

JSON – Native JSON document storage, bringing production-proven indexing, data management, and security capabilities to the predominant data format of the Web

Node.js Client API – An open-source JavaScript library to access MarkLogic from applications built using Node.js

Java Client API – NoSQL agility in a pure Java interface with an open-source library to access MarkLogic from Java applications

Server-Side JavaScript – JavaScript runtime inside MarkLogic using Google’s V8, making MarkLogic an ideal platform for building JSON-based services with JavaScript

MarkLogic 8 includes new innovative features that are unique in the database landscape, creating an intelligent and flexible data layer to power smarter applications that are built and launched into production faster than any alternative:

Semantics – More meaning and context to your data using the only database that can handle a combination of documents, data, and triples

Bitemporal – Timing is everything. Now you can rewind information to how it was at any point in time so you can answer, “What did you know and when did you know it?”

In addition to the key features mentioned above, MarkLogic 8 includes other enhancements that continue to make managing your data simpler, cheaper, and faster:

Management API – A single REST-based API to configure and administer MarkLogic that provides more programmatic control than ever before

Flexible Replication – Customizable and secure information sharing between systems to get data around the globe quickly and securely

Incremental Backup – Faster backups that use less storage by only backing up changes since the previous incremental or full backup

Enhanced HTTP Server – Simple and fast client-server interactions with simpler out-of-the-box setup

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