Theo Vassilakis, Metanautix

Theo Vassilakis
Theo Vassilakis
Founder and CEO, Metanautix

Prior to founding Metanautix, Theo spent nearly eight years at Google, most recently as a Principal Engineer and Engineering Director of a 75 engineer team in data warehousing, visualization, and analysis. He led the development of Dremel, a large-scale, interactive ad hoc query engine for big data processing that powers Google’s BigQuery, as well as Tenzing, a SQL implementation on MapReduce.
Theo also worked on developing large-scale machine learning systems for personalized search ads, audience analysis systems for display ads, and early prototypes of page preview and results-as-you-type for search. Before Google, Theo was a software engineer at Microsoft and Microsoft Research, building data cleaning features for SQL Server and speech recognition models for Windows and Office. He holds a PhD from Brown University and a BS from Stanford University, both in Mathematics.

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