Allegro CL 10

Allegro CL 10

from Franz Inc.

Allegro CL is a powerful, dynamic Artificial Intelligence development system that is especially well-suited for enterprise-wide, machine intelligence development. Now applications with billions of objects are made easy with Allegro CL 10, the industry’s leading Common Lisp based development environment. Allegro CL 10 delivers parallel memory management capabilities including parallel garbage collection and fast memory recycling.

New Key Features and updates in Allegro CL 10:

  • Parallel Global Garbage Collection
  • New Payback Analysis for optimized Global Garbage Collection
  • Precise Garbage Collection of stack slots for fast memory recycling
  • Touchscreenand Alpha blending on Windows in Common Graphics
  • API generator builds Lisp interface functions from information in Java class libraries
  • Various Source Level debugging improvements
  • Plus over 700 enhancements and updates, see theRelease Notes for the details


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