Rent the Runway uses Percona to improve database performance and reliability

Rent the Runway uses Percona to improve database performance and reliability

Rent the Runway is a fashion company with a technology soul. To help customers find the right dresses and accessories amidst nearly 200,000 items on their site and app, they leverage a huge amount of data. They process orders through a large fulfillment center that is powered by a proprietary reverse-logistics system that allows them to turn items around in record time, usually same day.

With every click, delivery, return and step along the way, they gather tremendous amounts of data, informing every decision the company makes. Through the power of analytics, they’re perpetually tweaking the model to make everything they do faster, smarter, easier and nimbler.

Obviously, data and application and web response times are critical, as well as having access to their processing system for returns, cleaning, and inventory management. Before engaging Percona, there were issues with an unstable MySQL environment. Poorly performing queries were leading to outages.

After an initial consultation and a performance audit, it was determined that the first thing needed was an upgrade to a more current version of MySQL (in this case, 5.1 to 5.6). Moving to a more recent version provided both functionality and stability benefits that worked to keep Rent the Runway’s servers up and performing. “The 5.6 version of MySQL provided a better query optimizer, as well as needed bug fixes and security improvements. Moving to a more recent version was an excellent recommendation, and Percona had the expertise to do it without us experiencing database downtime,” said Carlo Barbara, Director Engineering, Rent the Runway. Within two months, Rent the Runway was operating on Percona Server for MySQL 5.6. This version of MySQL is more stable and more resilient, and helps guarantee that their data is always available.

Percona’s performance audit also revealed some needed adjustments to the Performance Schema. Some simple changes to table structures and primary key usage were able to significantly increase query performance and response times. “Percona was able to provide a detailed list of needed schema changes that explained exactly how these changes would impact performance.”

Finally, Percona moved Rent the Runway’s production environment to a high availability (HA) platform that guaranteed uptime for their servers. If a database server crashes, that database is unavailable until the crashed server is fixed. HA clustering detects hardware/software faults, and immediately restarts the database on another instance without requiring administrative intervention (also known as failover). “We need our data available 24x7x365. With HA in place, we’re confident our applications, and therefore our customers, are always provided for.”

Percona Server provides a stable and reliable database environment

Percona Server is a free, fully compatible, enhanced, open source drop-in replacement for MySQL that provides superior performance, scalability and instrumentation. With over 1,900,000 downloads, Percona Server’s self-tuning algorithms and support for extremely high-performance hardware deliver excellent performance and reliability.

Percona Database Consulting guarantees quick database solutions that directly impact your business

Percona consultants have decades of experience solving complex database performance issues and design challenges. Available globally 24x7x365, Percona’s experts have worked remotely and on site with more than 3,000 clients. “We needed to get our database tuned quickly, and without downtime,” said Carlo Barbara at Rent the Runway. “Percona Consulting was able to provide a detailed audit report that showed us not only what needed to be done, but how long it would take.”


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