Tegile Adds Lifetime Storage To Their IntelliCare Service

Tegile Adds Lifetime Storage To Their IntelliCare Service

In what is likely an attempt to compete with Pure’s Evergreen service, Tegile Systems has unveiled the newest addition to their IntelliCare service, Lifetime Storage. Touted as an industry-first support offering, Lifetime Storage will provide an entirely new storage system to its customers every three to five years, including the controller and media, with a flat maintenance contract. One of the biggest differences between Pure’s offering and Lifetime Storage is that Evergreen offers only a 3-year upgrade cycle, whereas Tegile gives customers the option to upgrade anytime as part of a capacity expansion. As a result, this allows customers to determine their own upgrade timeframe.

Tegile has designed this new technology to help ensure that both new and existing customers realize the performance gains and expanded capabilities of new storage systems and fresh storage media, adding that excessive capital expenditures and significant increases in maintenance costs will also be eliminated. To this end, the new Lifetime Storage and Expanded IntelliCare program provides organizations with the ability to refresh their entire storage subsystem, helping to ensure that performance, capacity and economics of the system stay in tuned with one another.

The purpose of Tegile’s IntelliCare customer care program is to maximize both the uptime and efficiency of customers’ storage arrays while decreasing time spent on storage administration. IntelliCare is also based on cloud-based analytics and is supported by a team of storage experts, enabling storage administrators to easily monitor the health, performance and usage of all Tegile storage arrays on their network. Tegile claims that users will be able to predict future requirements and detect incoming problems, the latter which allows them to stop imminent component and system failure before they are irreversible.


Tegile Lifetime Storage is now available to all new Tegile IntelliFlash customers worldwide.

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