Data Summit 17 – 23rd & 24th March 2017| Edinburgh Scotland.

What is Data Summit?

Focusing on #DataChangesEverything, the two day Data Summit will explore leading examples of successes and challenges of transformation using data, with a forward look to how this will develop across industry and social sectors in the future.

Day 1

Proof – Transformation

Day 1 focuses on “proof”: Current applications, experience and challenges in delivering value from data

Sub themes through the day will include:

Transformation: Examples of organisational transformation using data.

Under the hood: Practitioners sharing experience and best practice.

Counterpoints: Exploring (small data, voting data, ethics etc).

Speakers include: 

Nuria Oliver (MIT Labs/Telefonica), Aquila Insight, IBM, Jason Leitch (NHS Scotland), Hannah Fry (UCL) and Alex Bellos.


Day 2

Hypothesis – Futures

Day 2 focuses on “Hypothesis”: The future of data

Sub themes through the day will include:

Futures: Discussion on the future of data from machine learning to GDPR.

Health: Examples of new innovation in the health and social space.

Innovation: Pitches from leading data startups in Scotland.

Skills: Focus on skills requirements for the future.

Speakers include: 

Stewart Whiting (Snap40), Alan Nelson (CMS Legal), Tim Harford(Radio4) and Marc Priestly (F1).


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