The third annual North American In-Memory Computing Summit. October 24-25, 2017, South San Francisco, CA

The third annual North American In-Memory Computing Summit will take place October 24-25, 2017, at the South San Francisco Conference Center in Silicon Valley.
We have gathered an outstanding group of industry veterans and visionaries to serve on the 2017 Conference Committee, including:

  • Robert Barr, Middleware Head of Development and Data Grid, Barclays
  • Noah Arliss, Sr. Manager, Software Development Engineering, Workday
  • Denis Magda, Product Manager, GridGain Systems and PMC Chairman for Apache® Ignite™
  • Greg Luck, CEO, Hazelcast
  • William Bain, CEO, ScaleOut Software

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Peter Zaitsev, CEO at  Percona &  Nikita Ivanov  Founder & CTO  at  GridGain Systems
 Apache Ignite is the leading open source in-memory computing platform. It provides vast speed and scale to RDBMS-based applications. Apache Ignite is inserted between existing application and data layers and works with all common RDBMS, NoSQL and Hadoop® databases. As data volumes continue…
Chris Berry Software Architect at  HomeAway
As HomeAway, a leading vacation rental website, moves aggressively to the Cloud, they’ve had to migrate a myriad of systems. One such is the high volume, low latency, real-time system that computes pricing. Learn how and why HomeAway employed a large, in-memory compute grid when migrating this…
Fuad Malikov Co-founder at Hazelcast
Java SE 8 Stream API is a modern and functional API for processing Java Collections. Streams can do parallel processing by utilizing multi-core architecture, without writing a single line of multithreaded code. Hazelcast JET is a distributed, high-performance stream…
Vladimir Komarov, Enterprise IT Architect at Sberbank
IMDG is generally used as a compute grid and/or DBMS cache. That’s why data in a grid may be safely lost and then recovered from a persistent store. But what if we want to use the grid as the data store for the core banking platform? This paper is to describe the GridGain in-memory data fabric add-…
Craig Gresbrink, Solutions Architect at  24 Hour Fitness &  Jimmy Floyd Solutions Architect  at 24 Hour Fitness
Distributed In-Memory solutions can speed things up as well as decouple data from your database. These things, while true, are pretty general statements. This in depth talk describes how 24 Hour Fitness has used two different in memory solutions to solve integration needs and the benefits these…
Lei Zhang, Data Scientist at Walmartlabs
In-memory computing and in-memory database is the future of the data pipeline. This talk is about how we use Ignite as the in-memory database, to coordinate multiple machine learning tasks working together, to achieve real-time online learning and prediction.
Eric Kaczmarek,Senior Java Performance Architect at Intel Corporation
High-capacity Persistent Memory will take in-memory computing to new levels by allowing developers to durably commit transactions directly in multi-terabyte persistent memory.  This talk reviews the characteristics of upcoming persistent memory and describes the programming considerations…
Tom Lee, Principle Architect at  Neeve Research
Join Tom for this session to learn how to build fire-and-forget message based in-memory microservices applications for IoT that need extreme performance and scale. In this session he’ll show you via a live coding session: How to easily write IoT applications that leverage in-memory caching and…
Andrey Ershov, Team lead at  Ringcentral
Many of us develop state-less HTTP services and are proud of High Availability. It is trivial task if you set up your load balancer properly. Andrey’s team develops telephony platform and their goal is not to loose any calls in case of any server crash. Apache Ignite helps them a lot. You take…
William Bain, CEO at  ScaleOut Software, Inc.
Businesses that track data from live systems, such as patient monitoring networks or wind turbine farms, need insights within less than a second to react to fast-changing conditions, make mission-critical decisions, and capitalize on new opportunities. Popular software platforms for streaming…


This is the conference for the In-Memory Computing community

Link to the conference website. It’s going to be a great event.

South San Francisco Conference Center

The South San Francisco Conference Center is centrally located just minutes from San Francisco Airport and 25 minutes from downtown San Francisco. It is conveniently located near the interchange of highways 101 and 380. There are a wide range of hotel accommodations in close proximity.


255 South Airport Boulevard South San Francisco, California 94080-6703
Phone: (650) 877-8787 (TDD Accessible)
Fax: (650)877-5356

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