Webinars: Introducing MarkLogic 9. July-August 2017

Introducing MarkLogic 9
The Evolution of Data Integration
Easier. Safer. Faster
As the leading operational and transactional Enterprise NoSQL database provider, we continue to lead the evolution of data integration with our latest MarkLogic 9 release. We’re offering a 5-part webinar series designed to give you a look under the hood of MarkLogic 9 and the opportunity to interact with our Product Management experts.
Hear about the innovative features that give you the best data integration, most secure NoSQL database and an impressive, robust set of admin tools for ease of manageability.
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Webinar 1
MarkLogic 9 Overview — July 11, 9am PT
The minds behind MarkLogic 9 present the new features, why they’re unique and how to use them.
Webinar 2
MarkLogic 9 Data Integration Features — July 25, 9am PT
Our experts explain how to use new features such as Entity Services, the Optic API, Template Driven Extraction, and the Data Movement SDK to manage and access the varied, messy, and continuously changing data from across the enterprise.
Webinar 3
MarkLogic 9 Manageability Features — August 2, 9am PT
We take a look at new admin tools such as Rolling Upgrades and Telemetry that increase automation and business agility.
Webinar 4
MarkLogic 9 Security Features — August 9, 9am PT
We’ll talk industry-leading peace of mind. How we’ve made data security stronger and more granular with the addition of Advanced Encryption, Element-Level Security, and Redaction.
Webinar 5
MarkLogic 9 Cloud & Ops Director — August 16, 9am PT
See how to run MarkLogic on the Azure cloud. And, become familiar with a brand new tool, Ops Director, which provides a clear picture of your entire MarkLogic infrastructure.
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