AI community meeting in Helsinki Finland, March 13-14 Helsinki

What: Free Opentech AI Workshop
When: March 13-14, 2018
Where: IBM Finland HQ, Laajalahdentie 23, 00330 Helsinki, Finland
Registration: (password “testai”)
Local FAQ & map:

The Helsinki event will be relevant to digital transformation of economies via opentech AI.  Specifically, the conference will look at AI for Healthcare and Manufacturing as well as other industry-specific applications of AI (that is Finland’s AI Strategy focus – see strategy link below).  We also look at open AI code + data + challenges = AI leaderboards for who has the best solution to tasks at the current time.  Eventually, there will be one AI system that can do them all – and that will be discussed as well, future of AI.

Two Day Flow: Tuesday March 13th 13:00-16:30 tutorials, 17:30-19:30pm welcome reception and posters; Wednesday March 14th 08:00-17:00 keynotes and panels
Theme: Industry-specific AI Solutions for healthcare, manufacturing, and measuring progress with with open soure AI leaderboards
Background Finland AI Strategy: 
Background Opentech AI Research:

Note on registration page, if you would like to present a poster: Please contact Susan Malaika <> by Feb 23, putting Helsinki poster in the subject line, if you would like to showcase your AI work in a poster on March 13 between 17:30-19:30.  Please include: Your name and the names & email address any other poster authors, The poster title, The poster abstract, Any relevant links

What is Opentech AI?

Opentech AI is open source communities doing great things with Artificial Intelligence.  Hundreds of communities are forming – For example, consider Mozilla’s Common Voice project for open AI voice technology, and has projects related to healthcare.  In addition, AI challenge/leaderboards are proliferating.   

Why Industry-Specific Opentech AI? Why Finland?

Finland’s national AI strategy is to be #1 in application of Artificial Intelligence to improve industry performance.

What is the Future of Opentech AI?

Some AI researchers are already envisioning one open source AI system that can perform reasonably well on all leaderboard challenges – see Video for vision to do this, and Measuring AI Progress Presentation for Roadmap, and related Article and Blog.

Summary of URLs:
Finland AI Strategy:
Example Mozilla Open Voice:
Example Opentech AI for Healthcare:
Video – One AI to Learn It All:
Article: I-Athlon: One AI to do Many Tasks:

Questions? Contact Jim Spohrer <>

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