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Meet our experts to hear first-hand about the advantages of  Neo4j’s native Graph Platform, which offers not just the Neo4j database, but also Analytics, Data Import and Transformation, Visualization, and Discovery capabilities.

There’s a relationship-rich community waiting for you on the Neo4j GraphTour. Pick any of the cities below to find out more about this free event. Sessions in all locations will be in English with the possible exception of local customers. GraphClinics and Solution advice may be in local language.

Graph Platform

Learn how Neo4j’s Graph Platform is bringing a connections-first approach to applications and analytics across the enterprise.


From fraud detection to real-time recommendations, Neo4j powers the most essential enterprise use cases for connected data.


Neo4j engineers will be on hand for one-on-one help with your project. Get tips on graph modeling, queries, and other questions.

Community Meetups

Don’t miss out on these upcoming community-led meetups surrounding the GraphTour! Network with fellow graphistas and get inspired by a variety of topics exploring graph databases in the modern enterprise.

RSVP by clicking the links in the titles below.

Marseille, France

Neo4j GraphTour – Marseille Community Meetup
12th March, 2018 – 18:30

Lille, France

Data-journalisme et Panama Papers, GraphQL, curieux d’en savoir plus ?
14th March, 2018 – 19:00

Dubai, UAE

Graph-Powered Machine Learning and Chatbots with Neo4j and Amazon Alexa
21st March, 2018 – 18:00

Düsseldorf, Germany

Erste Schritte mit Neo4j – eine Einführung in OGM
22nd March, 2018 – 18:30

Dublin, Ireland

Workshop on the Statistical Analysis of Networks
26th March, 2018 – 18:30

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