Applying Data Science, AI and ML to Industry and Commerce-London, 27 – 28 June 2018

London, 27 – 28 June 2018


Data Science, AI and Machine Learning are proving to be some of the greatest recent technological advances, with enormous scope for applications. Data Science encompasses the established domains of data warehousing, data mining, cluster analysis and data visualization. Artificial Intelligence is deemed to be the main driver of the 4th Industrial Revolution. It has the capability to replicate cognitive decisions made by humans and to remove behavioural bias inherent in humans, and includes techniques such as pattern classification and Machine Learning. We see examples of AI everywhere, from virtual assistants to cyber security to fraud detection and much more.

The application of Machine Learning in general and Deep Learning in particular, to very large data sets, has led to ground-breaking progress in recognising patterns of sounds, images, & data, while Data Visualization technologies render the results more accessible and easy to apply. These techniques are maturing and rapidly proving their value within business and commerce.

Attend this event to learn from real use cases how to exploit these technological advances for yourself and your organisation.


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