Prof. Stefan Edlich, Technische Fachhochschule Berlin

Stefan Edlich


Stefan Edlich is a professor at TFH-Berlin since 2005. Prior to his tenure in Berlin he was professor at the University of Brandenburg (App.Sc.) since 2002.

Edlich holds a Diploma in Computer Science and in Economics. He received his Doctor in Engineering (Dr.-Ing.) in 1995 from Technische Universität Berlin and was Assistant Professor at the Institute for Communications and Operating Systems (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sigram Schindler).

From 1995 to 1998 he was the head of an IT-Department (trade-supervision) of a German top 10 Bank. In 1999 he joined one of the most successful OO Consulting-Companies in Germany. Simultaneously he worked for BEA-Systems Inc. as a professional trainer teaching the BEA product portfolio (Weblogic et al) to German Fortune-100s.

His main research areas are:
* Application-Server, (Java)-Frameworks, Web-Frameworks
* Software-Engineering , Java, J2EE Development
* SOA, Component-Frameworks, Buildmanagement
* Object-Databases, ODBMS, Mobile-IT, J2ME
* CSCW, Distributed Systems, HCI

Beside many scientific papers and articles he is a continuous speaker on numerous conferences concerning enterprise and OO topics since 1993 (like the biggest German Java Conference JAX).

He published the following books:
* Ant, OReilly
* J2EE using Open-Source-Tools, Spektrum-Verlag
* Tapestry, Software & Support Publishers
* Jakarta Commons, Software & Support Publishers
* The Definitive Guide to db4o, Apress

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