Florian Buschbacher,senior manager at PwC Germany


Florian Buschbacher is a senior manager at PwC Germany, leading the data analytics and data mining expert group.
He is responsible for the Big Data initiative within the task force digitalization [Link] of PwC Germany.
Florian is specialized in data analytics, focusing on new data innovations and creating new ideas and concepts.
With more than 13 years of experience, Florian has led international teams working mainly on data analytics especially 
forensic data analytics to solve complex data driven questions for globally acting clients.
He won several awards on data analytics and is constantly developing and creating new ideas in the field of high end data analytics solutions. 
Florian is a certified fraud examiner, TeleTrusT Information Security Professional and certified data privacy officer. His main areas of expertise are:

- Data Analytics [Link] 
– Big Data [Link] 
– Data flows and landscapes
– Real-time analytics
– Artificial intelligence & machine learning
– High end indicators based on expert knowledge
– Data investigations
– Distributed computing
– Data security, data privacy

Project experience (extract):
– Designed and developed FraudScan®
– Led many data analytics projects in almost all industries
– Led several investigations with high levels of public awareness
– Led international data governance projects
– Led international data privacy investigations and audits
– Supported international banks to find, collect and to analyze data for state authorities