Dr. Anat Gafni, Servo Software, Inc.

Anat Gafni


Anat Gafni is currently VPE at Servo Software, Inc.

Anat Gafni was Vice President of Engineering at the open source object database company db4objects.

Prior to joining db4objects Anat served as VP of Engineering and Alliances at Troika Networks, a startup that pioneered intelligent storage HBAs and switches, where she was in charge of software development and collaborative projects with storage software partners. In addition, Anat served as Engineering Manager at VERITAS Software, where she managed various projects, including the Removable Media Management product and the Volume Manager. Anat helped found ACSC (Advance Computing Systems Company) which developed advanced storage related software (acquired by VERTITAS Software, 1996) where she was involved in the inception, development and sales of a product that managed distributed, removable media robotic libraries, and participated in Mass Storage Standards group. Anat has also consulted and participated in several entrepreneurial activities.

Anat earned her Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Southern California, and a MA degree from Boston University in Math and Computer Science.