Prof. Maria Gini, University of Minnesota

Maria Gini


Maria Gini is Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of the University of Minnesota, where she is a member of the Academy of Distinguished Teachers. She is the winner of the Inaugural Distinguished Women Scholars Award from the University of Minnesota (2001).

Before joining the University of Minnesota she has been a Research Associate at the Politecnico of Milan, Italy, and a Visiting Research Associate at Stanford University.

Her research interests are in using Artificial Intelligence to create autonomous entities, such as robots and intelligent software agents. Her major contributions include robot motion planning, robot navigation, planning with incomplete or uncertain information, coordination of multiple robots, and negotiation strategies for agents.

She has coauthored over 100 technical papers.

She is currently the chair of ACM SIGART (2003-2007), a member of the AAAI Executive Council (2005-), and a member of the board of the Intelligent Autonomous Systems society. She is on the editorial board of the journals “Autonomous Robots” and “Integrated Computer-Aided Engineering”, “Web Intelligence and Agent Systems: An International Journal,” and “International Journal of Information Technology and Web Engineering.”

She is the Chair for Distributed Autonomous Robotics Systems 2006. She was the General Co-Chair for the 1th Int’l Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems in 2002, and the General Chair for the 7th Int’l Conference on Intelligent Autonomous Systems in 2002.