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Object Database Technologies Users and Vendors Roundtable

by Roberto V. Zicari on November 5, 2007

Here is an interesting information. As you may know, after a long period of no activity some work on standards for Object Database Systems resumed under the umbrella of the Object Management Group (OMG).

For those of you who are interested in standards, and willing to actively participate in such activites, here is an opportunity:

I have received this note from Mike Card:

“The OMG is hosting an Object Database Technologies Users and Vendors Roundtable in Burlingame, CA at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport on Tuesday morning, December 11th 2007.

I will provide an update with the exact start time and the name of the ballroom/ conference room where the round-table will be held as the date gets closer.

The purpose of this meeting will be to get industry and user reaction to the work done so far by the OMG Object Database Technology Working Group (ODBTWG). Our group has been investigating the research done by
Prof. Kazimierz Subieta of the Polish Japanese Institute for Information Technology in Warsaw, Poland. Prof. Subieta’s team has come up with a so-called
Stack-Based Architecture (SBA) for defining the contents of an object database and the semantics of an abstract stack-based query processor and its associated query language (SBQL). Their work is the object equivalent of the relational calculus in that it provides a precisely-defined, semantically complete set of definitions of what objects are, how they are
stored and how they can be queried. We would like to base any future object database standard on the object model he has developed so that the language bindings, query languages, etc. that follow are well-defined, self-consistent, and complete. Doing this would address many of the criticisms leveled at the earlier ODMG standards.

The ODBTWG has prepared a white paper on our approach to future object database standardization and our incorporation of Prof. Subieta’s ideas which you can download from: ODBMS.ORG

Prof. Subieta will be in attendance at this meeting and we will have him give an overview and brief demonstration of his work, concrete implementations of which have been built for various EU projects.

We will then open the discussion up to all participants, we are especially eager to hear thoughts from object database vendors about Prof. Subieta’s ideas and to explain how we think his ideas could be incorporated into future object database standards. We would welcome discussions on what future object database standards should or should not look like, open-source collaborative projects such as reference implementations or conformance test suites, trends in the object database marketplace, etc. In short, we are seeking industry participation and nothing will be off-limits.

If you are interested to attend, there is a $150 registration fee for this event, to register please visit here

There should be a link there soon to register for this event.

Michael P. Card, Syracuse Research Corporation

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