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February 13, 2015

On MarkLogic 8. Interview with Stephen Buxton

by Roberto V. Zicari

“When trades are reconciled with counterparties and then closed, updates can and do occur. Bitemporal helps ensure investment banks can always go back and see when updates occurred for specific trades. This is critical to managing risk and handling increased concerns about regulatory compliance and future audits. “– Stephen Buxton. MarkLogic recently released MarkLogic 8. […]

July 30, 2014

On making information accessible. Interview with David Leeming.

by Roberto V. Zicari

“The problem we had was that, if we tried to store the XML in traditional relational databases, we were losing the structure of our articles or having to redesign them.”–David Leeming On making information accessible, I have interviewed David Leeming, Solutions Manager at the Royal Society of Chemistry. The Royal Society of Chemistry is the […]

March 25, 2014

What are the challenges for modern Data Centers? Interview with David Gorbet.

by Roberto V. Zicari

“The real problem here is the word “silo.” To answer today’s data challenges requires a holistic approach. Your storage, network and compute need to work together.”–David Gorbet. What are the challenges for modern data centers? On this topic I have interviewed David Gorbet, Vice President of Engineering at MarkLogic. RVZ Q1. Data centers are evolving […]

December 16, 2013

Operational Database Management Systems. Interview with Nick Heudecker

by Roberto V. Zicari

“Going forward, we see the bifurcation between relational and NoSQL DBMS markets diminishing over time.”–Nick Heudecker. Gartner recently published a new report on “Operational Database Management Systems”. I have interviewed one of the co-authors of the report, Nick Heudecker, Research Director – Information Management at Gartner, Inc. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you […]

November 21, 2012

Two cons against NoSQL. Part II.

by Roberto V. Zicari

This post is the second part of a series of feedback I received from various experts, with obviously different point of views, on: Two cons against NoSQL data stores : Cons1. ” It’s very hard to move data out from one NoSQL to some other system, even other NoSQL. There is a very hard lock […]

July 2, 2012

Managing Big Data. An interview with David Gorbet

by Roberto V. Zicari

“Executives and industry leaders are looking at the Big Data issue from a volume perspective, which is certainly an issue – but the increase in data complexity is the biggest challenge that every IT department and CIO must address, and address now. “– David Gorbet. Managing unstructured Big Data is a challenge and an opportunity […]