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CS 145 at Stanford University

Jeffrey Ullman, CS 145 at Stanford University 001.01 Embedded SQL, CLI, JDBC (PDF) | PPT 001.02 Object-Relational DBMSs (PDF) | PPT 001.03 Semistructured Data XML (PDF) | PPT 001.04 ODL OQL (PDF) | PPT 001.05 Additional ODL OQL (PDF) | PPT

Persistenz von Objekten

Serge Shumilov, University of Bonn Very comprehensive (197 pages) lecture notes on Object Persistence strategies incl. ODBMS, RDBMS, JDBC, SQLj, OR-Mappers incl. Hibernate, JDO, EJB DOWNLOAD (PDF)

Java and Databases

Chris Smith, MindIQ Persistence strategies for Java; incl. EJB, Hibernate, JDO and db4o. DOWNLOAD (PDF) or (PPT)