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Hypertable: Modeled after Google’s Bigtable project, Hypertable is an open source software designed to manage the storage and processing of information on a large cluster of commodity servers, providing resilience to machine and component failures....


Databeans is a fully object oriented persistence framework for java, based on the use of javabeans accessor methods to read/write data on disk in place of in class instance fields, available under GPL. LINK  


Tilburg University ConceptBase is a multi-user deductive and object-oriented database system for meta modeling and method engineering (FreeBSD-style license) LINK


Donghui Zhang, Northeastern University Tutorial including download link for NEUStore – a simple Java package for the construction of disk-based, paginated, and buffered indices. DOWNLOAD (PDF)

Amos II

Tore Risch, Uppsala University An object-oriented and functional system for querying distributed and heterogeneous data sources. LINK


University of Bonn Provides software tools for geo-scientists to achieve a consistent non-redundunt storage and efficient access for 3D-modelling data. LINK