New Papers on Database Integration and Architectures

ODBMS.ORG, the Internet’s most up-to-date educational and research portal on object database technology, today announced that its expertsRobert GreeneWilliam Cook, and Ali Ibrahim have submitted new papers on object database architectures as well as on the integration between programming languages and databases, which are available for immediate and free download from the portal’s Expert Section.

In his paper “OODBMS Architectures“, Greene argues that one of the major reasons for the lack of adoption of ODBMS lies in the choice of OODBMS architectures. His paper examines the differences between the 3 most common commercial OODB architectures and shows, that choosing the right OODBMS architecture allows the building of high performance, highly concurrent and scalable solutions.

William Cook and Ali Ibrahim explore the fundamental problems of integrating databases and programming languages. Their draft paper “Integrating Programming Languages and Databases: What’s the Problem?” reviews issues that arise on the boundary between programming languages and databases, including typing, optimization, and reuse. The authors consequently develop specific criteria for evaluating solutions, which is a helpful guide for any programmer.

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In the meantime, ODBMS.ORG’s panel of experts has also contributed more resources in the general Tutorials:

Ouri Wolfson, Hu Cao, Goce Trajcevski, University of Illinois at Chicago
Spatio-temporal Data Reduction with Deterministic Error Bounds
Proc. of the ACM DIALM-POMC Joint Workshop on Foundations of Mobile Computing, San Diego CA
Paper | Advanced | English | DOWNLOAD (PDF) | 2003 | ***

Daniel F. Lieuwen, H.V. Jagadish, AT&T Bell Labs
Multi-granularity Locks in an Object-Oriented Database.
Paper | Advanced | English | DOWNLOAD (PDF) | 2006 | ***

Mohammeed Zaki, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
DMTL: A Generic Data Mining Template Library
Paper on object-oriented “generic” data mining based on the “Data Mining Template Library”.
Paper | Intermediate | English | DOWNLOAD (PDF) | 2006 | ***

Bell Labs Database Systems Research Department
ODE Object Database
Resource page with collections of papers from 1989-1996
Paper | Intermediate | English | LINK | 1996 | **

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