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Articles – ODMG


Solving the Java Object Storage Problem by Douglas Barry and Torsten Stanienda, IEEE Computer – Vol. 31, No. 11 – November 1998

ODMG: The Industry Standard for Java Object Storage by Douglas Barry and David Jordan, Component Strategies – September 1998

ODMG 2.0: A Standard for Object Storage by Douglas Barry, Component Strategies – July 1998

Speaking of ODMG and Java – An interview with Ericsson’s David Jordan… by Douglas Barry, DB Prog & Design – September 1998

There’s an ODMG Database in Your Future by Douglas Barry, DB Prog & Design – April 1998

If You Want Better Answers… by Douglas Barry, DB Prog & Design – July 1998

ODMG Java Collection by David Jordan, Java™ Report – May 1998

Managing a Universe of Data at CERN by Jamie Shiers, DB Prog & Design – March 1998

Java and Object Database Collide: Developing with the ODMG Java Binding by Chu Moy, Databased Web Advisor – February 1998

ODMG 2.0: An Overview by Rick Cattell and Douglas Barry, Dr. Dobb’s Sourcebook – September/October 1997

What’s Inside the ODMG-93 Standard? by Brian Jepson, DBMS, July 1997

Java Report Articles by David Jordan
The ODMG Java Interface: An Introduction, September 1997
Simplifying Database Application Development, November 1997
OQL: The ODMG Object Query Language, March 1998

C++ Report Articles by David Jordan
OQL: The Object Query Language, 2/96
ODMG Relationships, 9/95
Collections in ODMG-93, 6/95
Identifying ODMG Objects, 3/95
The CRUD of an ODMG Object, 10/94

Articles – Database


Object Relational Reality Check by Seth Grimes, DB Prog & Design – July 1998

ODBMS: Now or Never by Nelson H. King, DBMS – July 1998

How to Store & Share your Java Objects by Dr. Andrew E. Wade, Java Developer’s Journal – May 1998

Debunking Object-Database Myths by Joe Celko and Jackie Celko, Byte – October 1997

Object-enabled Databases by Craig Stedman, Computerworld QuickStudy – Feb. 9, 1998

Extended Relational DBMSs: The Technology, Part 1 by Judith R. Davis, DBMS – June 1997

Universial Servers: The Players, Part 2 by Judith R. Davis, DBMS – July 1997

The Object Database Goes Online by Nelson King, DBMS – January 1997

Articles – Objects


A Corba, DCOM primer by Imran Sayeed, Application Developer Trends – June 1998

The Portable Object Adapter by Keith Dudley, Java Report Online

The Unified Language Modeling Takes Shape by Paul Reed, DBMS – July 1998

The Middleware Muddle by David Ritter, DBMS – May 1998

The Pairing of CORBA & Java by David S. Linthicum, Object Magazine – April 1998

Add the power of CORBA to our distributed whiteboard by Micheal Schoffner, JavaWorld – March 1998

ActiveX Demystified by David Chappel and David S. Linthicum, Byte – September 1997

Articles – Java


Selecting Java App Servers by Dan Kara, Component Strategies – June 1998

Java component dream gains steam by Jason J. Meserve, Application Developer Trends – June 1998

Java in the Database Server by Nelson King, DBMS – June 1998

Everywhere You Look: Enterprise Server-Side Java by Jason Hunter with contribution by Rich Kadel, JavaWorld – March 1998

Object persistence and Java by Arsalan Saljoughy, JavaWorld – July

Internet Application Development by Jack Vaughan, Application Developer Trends – October 1997

Articles – C++


Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Using C++ by Peter Müller

The ISO/ANSI C++ Draft

Articles – Smalltalk


Objects Meet Data by David S. Linthicum, DBMS, September 1996

Five Object-Oriented Business Application Architectures by Dennis Pagano, Dennis Laibson and George Kosmides, Application Developer Trends – July 1996


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