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In February 2006, the Object Management Group (OMG) in Needham, MA, has decided to develop the “4th generation” standard for object databases in order to facilitate broader adoption of standards-based object database technology. To this end, the OMG set up the Object Database Technology Working Group (ODBT WG) and acquired the rights to develop new OMG specifications based on the works of the disbanded Object Data Management Group (ODMG), which issued the last ODMG 3.0 standard in 2001.

The ODBT WG was formed to advance the standards for object databases and, through better standards, encourage broader adoption of object database technology. Chaired by Michael P. Card from Syracuse Research Corporation and Char Wales from Mitre Corporation, members of the ODBT WG include users and vendors affiliated with companies such as Boeing, RTI, Objectivity, Promia, Raytheon, Sparx Systems, and db4objects. The Object Database Technology Working Group (ODBT WG) is part of the OMG’s Middleware and Related Services (MARS) Platform Task Force (PTF).

ODBMS.ORG has agreed to publish the working results of the ODBTWG on this site.

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Note of the Editor: This initiative of the OMG did not produce the expected results, and no further activities have been planned. RVZ