Modern Database Techniques

Martin Hulin, Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten.

Excellent, Complete and up to date lecture note series (397 slides).
Content and Course Structure:
Learning module 0: Course Information, Welcome: 1 h
Learning module 1: Introduction to Object Oriented Databases: 4 h
Learning module 2: Concepts of Object Oriented Databases: 40 h
Learning module 3: Client Application and Language Binding: 20 h
Learning module 4: Advanced storage concepts, performance tuning: 10 h
Learning module 5: System Management: 20 h
Learning module 6: Security in Databases: 10 h
Learning module 7: Distributed and Mobile Databases: 25 h
Web conference: Exam Preparation: 2 h
Target group: Students of Computer Science in 5th semester or higher. Prerequisites: Relational Databases, SQL, Object Oriented Programming, UML. Duration: Student workload: 120 h –150 h. Lecture and supervised exercises: 64 lessons (45 min).
For all exercises, Martin uses the object oriented database management system Caché from InterSystems.


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