In-Memory Data Management: Technology and Applications.


In-Memory Data Management

Hasso Plattner, Alexander Zeier,

Springer, 2nd Edition, 14 May 2012.

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The new extented Book Edition “In-Memory Data Management ” is focusing on Application Development, the book is available since May 2012 by Springer. In the year since we published the first edition of this book, the performance gains enabled by the increased use of in-memory technology in enterprise applications has truly marked an inflection point in the market. The new content in this second edition focuses on the development of these in-memory enterprise applications, showing how they leverage the capabilities of in-memory technology.

Whats All New in the Extended Edition of the In-Memory Book by Plattner, Zeier
About one year ago we published the first edition of this book. Within this last year, in-memory technology had such a big impact on the enterprise computing and application market that it truly marked an inflection point. This progress on the one hand, but also the resulting new questions on the other hand, convinced us that it is time for a new extended edition of our book. The new content in the second edition targets the development and deployment of data-intensive applications that are designed for leveraging the capabilities of in-memory database systems. Among other new content, we introduces an in-memory application programming model that includes the most important aspects and guidelines for developing in-memory applications. To ease the tasks of application developers and database administrators, we discuss the graphical creation of database views. Finally, we also elaborate on new features on application level  through the combination of data analytics and text search and by presenting two industry case studies Charite and Hilti.

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