McObject (Perst, eXtremeDB)

McObject (Perst, eXtremeDB)

Perst is a fast, native Java and .NET embedded database, with small RAM and storage demands (includes Android, WP7 and Java ME support). eXtremeDB is McObject’s ultra-fast, small footprint in-memory database system (IMDS) for real-time applications.

Download Perst and eXtremeDB embedded database evaluation software. (Link)

eXtremeDB in-memory database.(Link) Product family includes In-Memory Database System, Cluster, Fusion, 64-bit, Transaction Logging, High Availability and Kernel Mode editions.

Perst object-oriented embedded database product details.(Link)

Download the eXtremeDB Java Native Interface (JNI) data sheet.(Link)

Download the eXtremeDB C# Native Interface data sheet.(Link)

Download the Perst for Silverlight demo.Get full demo source or an in-depth article explaining the code. Launch the live demo application in your Web browser. (Link)

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