The Benchmark Handbook, 1993

The Benchmark Handbook, 1993

Jim Gray (Ed.): The Benchmark Handbook for Database and Transaction Systems (2nd Edition). Morgan Kaufmann 1993, ISBN 1-55860-292-5

Jim Gray:
Database and Transaction Processing Performance Handbook.

Omri Serlin:
The History of DebitCredit and the TPC.

Carrie Ballinger:
TPC-D: Benchmarking for Decision Support.

David J. DeWitt:
The Wisconsin Benchmark: Past, Present, and Future.

Carolyn Turbyfill, Cyril U. Orji, Dina Bitton:
AS3AP – An ANSI SQL Standard Scaleable and Portable Benchmark for Relational Database Systems.

Patrick E. O’Neil:
The Set Query Benchmark.

R. G. G. Cattell:
The Engineering Database Benchmark.

Samuel DeFazio:
Overview of the Full-Text Document Retrieval Benchmark.

Kaivalya M. Dixit:
Overview of the SPEC Benchmarks.

The Neal Nelson Database BenchmarkTM: A Benchmark Based on the Realities of Business.

Tom Sawyer:
Doing Your Own Benchmark.

Francois Raab:
TPC-C – The Standard Benchmark for Online transaction Processing (OLTP).

TPC BenchmarkTM A: Standard Specification.

TPC BenchmarkTM B: Standard Specification.

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