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About Apache Cassandra

Cassandra evolved from work at Google, Amazon and Facebook, and is used by leading companies such as Adobe, Cisco, Disney, IBM, Morningstar, Thomson-Reuters and Twitter. The Chair of the Apache Cassandra Project is Jonathan Ellis, co-founder and CTO at DataStax. DataStax employs more than ninety percent of Cassandra committers.

Implementing a NoSQL Strategy
White Paper

Table of Contents
Abstract 3
Introduction 3
What is Driving NoSQL Adoption in the Enterprise? 3
The Need for Speed 3 The Need for Scale 4 The Need for Continuous Availability 4 The Need for Location Independence 5 The Need for Managing All Types of Data 5 The Need for Cost Reduction 5
Inhibitors to NoSQL Adoption in the Enterprise 6
Technical Inhibitors 6 Non-Technical Inhibitors 7
But is NoSQL for You? 7
Choosing a NoSQL Database 9
Key Selection Criteria 9 Enterprise Selection Checklist 10
Cloud Considerations for NoSQL Databases 11 Making the Move to NoSQL 11
Migrating Data to NoSQL Databases 12
Conclusion 12 About DataStax 13
Download White Paper (.PDF): Implementing_a_NoSQL_Strategy.pdf

Facebook’s Cassandra paper, annotated and compared to Apache Cassandra 2.0
Author: Jonathan Ellis | Apache Cassandra Chair | DataStax Co-Founder
The release of Apache Cassandra 2.0 is a good point to look back at the past five years of progress after Cassandra’s release as open source. Here, we annotate the Cassandra paper from LADIS 2009 with the new features and improvements that have been added since.
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