ODBMS.ORG: A Wealth of Supporters Starts 2014!

ODBMS.ORG: A Wealth of Supporters Starts 2014!

San Francisco/Frankfurt, 1/16/2014. ODBMS.ORG- the Resource Portal for Big Data and New Data Management Technologies – today announced it has received support from the following Organizations for the year 2014 (Note of Editor: news updated on May 16, 2014, and July 25, 2014, October 8, 2014, November 24, 2014):

Gold Sponsors:


Silver Sponsors:

HP Vertica


Cortex AG
CRC Press
Morgan & Claypool Publishers

ODBMS.org is designed to meet the fast-growing need for free resources focusing on Big Data, Analytical Data Platforms,
Scalable Cloud Platforms, Operational Databases, Object Databases, NewSQL Databases, NoSQL Databases, Graph Databases and new approaches to concurrency control.

“I am pleased that Actian, InterSystems, Aerospike, DataStax, McObject, Morgan&Claypool Publishers, NuoDB, Pivotal, VMware and VoltDB continue to demonstrate their confidence in our program, and we greatly appreciate the new support from MarkLogic, HP Vertica, PwC, Attunity, Bigstep, Cortex AG, CRC Press, EnterpriseDB, FoundationDB, Paradigm4, and Tokutek.
This is an affirmation of the hard work we invested in creating a program to promote and further the use of innovative database technologies”
, said Prof. Roberto V. Zicari, editor of ODBMS.ORG.

In recent years, ODBMS.ORG has risen to the rank of informative industry thought-leader, becoming a recognized authority on pioneering work in the database system field, with focus Big Data.


Launched in 2005, ODBMS.ORG – the Resource Portal for Big Data and New Data Management Technologies”-is a vendor independent, educational program created to serve faculty and students at educational and research institutions, as well as software architects and developers in the open source community and at commercial companies.


ODBMS Industry Watch Blog:


About Actian: Accelerating Big Data 2.0™

Actian transforms big data into business value for any organization – not just the privileged few.
Actian provides transformational business value by delivering actionable insights into new sources of revenue, business opportunities, and ways of mitigating risk with high-performance in-database analytics complemented with extensive connectivity and data preparation. The 21st century software architecture of the Actian Analytics Platform delivers extreme performance on off-the-shelf hardware, overcoming key technical and economic barriers to broad adoption of big data.
Actian also makes Hadoop enterprise-grade by providing high-performance ELT, visual design and SQL analytics on Hadoop without the need for MapReduce skills.
Among tens of thousands of organizations using Actian are innovators using analytics for competitive advantage in
industries like financial services, telecommunications, digital media, healthcare and retail.
The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley and has offices worldwide. Stay connected with Actian Corporation on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


About MarkLogic: Trusted Enterprise NoSQL

MarkLogic offers a new generation Enterprise NoSQL database technology capable of handling any data, at any volume, in any structure. Organizations around the world rely on MarkLogic’s enterprise-grade technology to get to better decisions faster. Founded in 2001, MarkLogic has focused on building a powerful, agile and trusted database platform that enables customers to do more with their data. Whether running in the cloud or on Hadoop, MarkLogic provides a scalable and elastic platform with ACID transactions, government-grade security, search and Semantics. MarkLogic is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Washington D.C., New York, London, Frankfurt, Utrecht, and Tokyo.


About InterSystems

InterSystems is a global software leader with headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and offices in 25 countries.
InterSystems provides advanced technologies for breakthrough applications. InterSystems Caché® is an extremely fast and
massively scalable database system. InterSystems Ensemble® is a platform for rapid integration and the development of connectable applications. InterSystems DeepSee® and InterSystems iKnow® are technologies for conducting real-time active analytics with structured and unstructured data.


About PwC: Leading professional services firm

PwC supports organizations in mastering Big Data challenges to enable the digital transformation of their business models.
By using intelligent and novel algorithms, methods and tools, PwC provides solutions to fully exploit the potential of Big Data aiming at generating business value, new business insights, shorter time-to-market, competitive advantage, risk reduction and a better understanding of the customer.
We advise organizations regarding their strategy, business cases, analysis and interpretation of Big Data. Our experts from various fields collaborate interdisciplinary to solve complex problems. Using data mining and machine learning algorithms as well as advanced statistics, PwC is a leader in the field of knowledge discovery technologies.
As PwC Big Data & Data Analytics belongs to the PwC network of firms in 158 countries with more than 180,000 people who are committed to delivering quality in assurance, tax and advisory, it can rely on extensive experience.
Tell us what matters to you and find out more by visiting us at www.pwc.de/bigdata
PwC refers to the PwC network and/or one or more of its member firms, each of which is a separate legal entity.


About HP Vertica

Vertica solves challenges in the real world. Our purpose-built analytics platform enables companies to monetize their data at the speed and scale they need to thrive in today`s economic climate. Started in 2005, Vertica`s goal was to revolutionize the relational database industry by developing a tool to solve today`s analytical challenges. We accomplished just that by building a new system from the ground up. Our innovative solution has been available for sale since 2007 with hundreds of companies leveraging its power. Today the revolution continues. We`re proud to say that our scalability and flexibility are unmatched in the industry delivering 50x-1000x faster performance at 30% the cost of traditional solutions.


About Aerospike

Aerospike delivers a next-gen NoSQL database that powers web-scale real-time big data driven platforms in digital
advertising and omni-channel marketing such as AppNexus, Bluekai, Chango, The Trade Desk and [x+1].
The first flash-optimized, in-memory, operational NoSQL database with ACID properties, Aerospike is used to predictably process billions of user profiles and terabytes of current context with sub-millisecond response times by revenue-critical apps that personalize the user experience. Developers in search, mobile, video, gaming, social, ecommerce, retail, banking, telecom and more choose Aerospike for 10x better price/performance and zero touch, cross data center, zero downtime operations.


About Attunity

Attunity is a leading provider of information availability software solutions that enable access, sharing and distribution of data across heterogeneous enterprise platforms, organizations,and the cloud. Our software solutions include data replication, change data capture (CDC), data connectivity, enterprise file replication (EFR), managed-file-transfer (MFT), and cloud data delivery. Attunity has supplied innovative software solutions to its enterprise-class customers for 25 years and has successful deployments at thousands of organizations worldwide.


About Bigstep

Bigstep is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider that combines full hardware performance with the flexibility of the cloud to create the world’s most powerful public computing infrastructure. With big data demanding ever more powerful computing, Bigstep’s full metal hardware allows organisations to process big data faster and more effectively than any other means, yet still retain the benefits of the cloud.


About Cortex AG

Cortex AG powers a NoSQL data base technology providing an unlimited platform for individual enterprise web applications at the price of standard software. CortexDB is a dynamic schema-less multi-model data base providing all advantages of up to now known NoSQL data base types (key-value store, document store, graph DB, multi-value DB, column DB) with dynamic re-organization during continuous operations.
Consequently, analytical and transaction data can be managed and processed in one and the same CortexDB offering the opportunities for creating new, innovative web apps. USPs of CortexDB are the combination and integration of various different data sources without transformation and no limits, the time axis for historiography of all managed data, agile software configuration, change requests on the fly, self service and low footprint.


About CRC Press

CRC Press, a premier global publisher of scientific, technical, and medical content, provides essential material for academics, professionals, and students. CRC Press products include world-class references, handbooks, and textbooks as well as the award-winning CRCnetBASE eBook collections. CRC Press is a member of Taylor & Francis Group, an informa business.


About DataStax

Our solutions power the mission-critical big data applications that transform business and enable life-changing customer
experiences for some of the world`s most innovative companies, including Netflix, eBay, HealthCare Anytime and hundreds more, including 20 of the Fortune100.
We`re the industry leaders in developing solutions based on commercially supported, enterprise-ready Apache Cassandra, the
open source NoSQL database technology widely-acknowledged as the best foundation for tackling the most challenging big data problems. Our flagship offering, DataStax Enterprise, built on Cassandra, provides the massive scalability, continuous availability and enhanced data security today`s sophisticated big data applications demand.
Based in San Mateo, Calif., DataStax is backed by industry-leading investors: Lightspeed Venture Partners, Crosslink Capital and Meritech Capital Partners.


About EnterpriseDB

EnterpriseDB is the leading worldwide provider of Postgres software and services that enable enterprises to reduce their
reliance on costly proprietary solutions and slash their database spend by 80 percent or more. With powerful performance and security enhancements for PostgreSQL, sophisticated management tools for global deployments and Oracle compatibility, EnterpriseDB software supports both mission and non-mission critical enterprise applications.
More than 2,000 enterprises, governments and other organizations worldwide use EnterpriseDB software, support, training and professional services to integrate open source software into their existing data infrastructures.
Based in Bedford,MA, EnterpriseDB is backed by top-tier venture capitalists and strategic investors like Red Hat and IBM.


About FoundationDB

FoundationDB’s mission is to provide data storage technology that frees engineers and companies to focus on problems other than building their data stack. To that end, FoundationDB is creating a new generation of database technology that combines the advantages of modern NoSQL databases with the power and reliability of ACID transactions.


About McObject

McObject provides embedded database technology to meet the needs of applications with demanding performance requirements, such as low-latency systems for capital markets, Web-based applications needing instant data access, real-time embedded systems and other high performance/Big Data categories. Founded by veterans of the database and real-time systems
industries, the company has developed its eXtremeDB product family around a small-footprint in-memory database system (IMDS). Editions within the product family deliver specialized capabilities including clustering, high availability, persistent data storage for specified record types, optimized management of time series data (such as market data), and more. McObject also provides Perst, an open source, object-oriented database for Java and .NET.


About Morgan & Claypool Publishers

Morgan & Claypool Publishers LLC is an innovative new company formed by experienced publishing professionals to serve the global research and development communities in science and technology. We believe that online delivery technology presents exciting opportunities for authors and publishers to create new information vehicles that improve on existing print documents. Our mission is to create “next generation” digital information products that combine authoritative content with state-of-the-art technology and a customer-oriented business model. The company is headquartered in San Rafael, California (USA), and has offices in Fort Collins (Colorado), Bonita Springs (Florida), Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), and Seattle (Washington).


About NuoDB

NuoDB develops and markets a distributed SQL database management system that provides scale-out performance, continuous availability and geo-distributed data management. It`s a single, logical database easily deployed in multiple locations simultaneously. This unique capability is unavailable in any other SQL product. Launched in 2010 by industry-renowned database architect Jim Starkey and accomplished software CEO Barry Morris, the company is based in Cambridge, MA.
Used by thousands of developers worldwide, NuoDB`s customers include automotive after-market giant AutoZone, NorthPoint
Solutions, Fathom Voice, Platform28 and other innovative organizations. NuoDB was one of only nineteen vendors cited on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Operational DBMS.


About Paradigm4

Paradigm4´s SciDB the latest innovation from renowned database researcher MIT Professor Mike Stonebraker (postgres, Vertica, et al) is a radically new approach for mining more data and more kinds of data in richer and deeper ways.
SciDB is an open source, array database with built-in massively scalable complex analytics that runs on commodity hardware clusters or in a cloud. Data from phones, sensors, sequencers, imagers, instruments, and things are efficiently stored, accessed, and sharable. Complex analytics (many of which are fundamentally operations on matrices) execute in-database without in-memory constraints and without moving data out to compute nodes or to a separate mathematical computing software package. And SciDB is neatly integrated with R and python so that analysts, informaticians, and data scientists can work in their preferred IDE and language. SciDB powers applications in personalized medicine, insurance telematics, quantitative finance, industrial analytics, and more.


About Tokutek

Tokutek sells Performance Solutions for Big Data for the leading open source data management platforms.
Tokutek applies patented Fractal Tree™ indexing to increase MySQL performance and MongoDB performance, decrease database size and minimize downtime. As a result, Tokutek enables new classes of applications that can handle unprecedented amounts of incoming data and scale to handle the data of tomorrow.
The company is headquartered in Lexington, MA, and has offices in New York, NY. For more information, visit Tokutek.com or follow us on Twitter @Tokutek.


About VMware

VMware (NYSE:VMW),the industry-leading virtualization software company, empowers organizations to innovate and thrive by
streamlining IT operations. By virtualizing infrastructure from the data center to the cloud to mobile devices VMware enables IT to deliver services from any device, anytime, anywhere.


About VoltDB

VoltDB is an in-memory relational database that combines high-velocity data ingestion, massive scalability, and real-time analytics and decisioning to enable organizations to unleash a new generation of applications that act on data at its point of maximum value. Organizations in markets ranging from financial services and media, to energy and telecommunications, use VoltDB to narrow the “ingestion-to-decision” gap from minutes, or even hours, to milliseconds. That, in any line of work, is a big deal.


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