AllegroGraph and Gruff

This section contains resources related to AllegroGraph and Gruff.

AllegroGraph, from Franz Inc, is a high-performance, ACID, and scalable semantic Graph Database.
AllegroGraph’s Activity Recognition capabilities provides a powerful means to aggregate and analyze data about individual and organizational behaviors, preferences, relationships, plus spatial and temporal linkages between individuals and groups. AllegroGraph customers include Fortune 500 companies in the government, life sciences and telecommunications industries.

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Gruff, a visual analytics and discovery tool, was developed by Franz to specifically address Graph navigation in large data sets. Gruff lets you intelligently explore graphs in multiple views:
● Graphical View – See the shape and density of your graph data
● Tabular view – Understand objects as a whole
● Outline view – Explore the often hierarchical nature of graphs
● Query view – Write Prolog or SPARQL queries
● Graphical Query Builder – Create queries visually via drag and drop

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