Framing a European Partnership for a Big Data Value Ecosystem

Framing a European Partnership for a Big Data Value Ecosystem

NESSI- Vision for a European Big Data Value Partnership – February 2014

Executive Summary
Big Data is one of the key economic assets of the future. Mastering the creation of Value from Big Data will impact the competitiveness of companies and will result into economic growth and jobs in Europe. Strategic investments by industry, public sector and governments accompanied by forward-looking policies will enable Europe to take the lead in the global data-driven digital economy and to reap societal benefits from the unique opportunities offered by Big Data Value. However, immediate action is required not to miss these opportunities.
Therefore, Europe has to aim high and to mobilise stakeholders in society, industry, academia and research. Europe’s strengths have to be put at par with the capabilities of our global competitors. A large gap has to be closed which is why waiting is not an option. The goal needs to be ambitious as Europe needs first class technology, highly skilled data engineers, scientists and practitioners, innovations along the Big Data Value chain and an environment that make Value creation from Big Data flourish.
In order to achieve this goal, a European Big Data Value Partnership has to be swiftly set up, taking a concerted and multi-disciplinary approach. Actions coordinated at EU level along all the dimensions of a Big Data Value ecosystem addressing technology, application, economic, social, and legal aspects have to go hand in hand. The partnership needs to be a joint initiative involving policymakers and all stakeholders of the Big Data Value chain including the owners and brokers of Big Data assets, large and small IT vendors, venture capitalists, researchers and academic institutions, as well as users from different sectors such as healthcare, transport, energy, media and content, manufacturing, retail, environment and the public sector.

The aim of the partnership should be achieved by taking in actions in three main areas:
– Building and advancing technologies, systems, infrastructures, and solutions as a continuous effort, including making the deployment and usage of technologies across sectors easier, broadening the availability and accessibility of data sources, and paying special attention to security, privacy, and trust related issues to facilitate a fast and broad uptake of Big Data Value;
-Generating a suitable innovation space for societal innovations and new business opportunities, encouraging the setup of data ecosystems maximising value along the Big Data Value chain and improving the efficiency in turning ideas and research results into innovations in strategically important areas;
– Participating in building a pan-European framework to address the non- technical barriers including the adaptation of legal and policy frameworks, the development of concepts to assess the economic value of data, as well as the building up of skills and expertise in data science.
The organizational setup of the Big Data Value Partnership should enable the efficient and swift implementation of the action plan. It should allow research and innovation activities funded under Horizon 2020 to be complemented with measures to overcome the non-technical obstacles.
A Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda will outline in more detail how these goals are to be achieved and what the key performance indicators for measuring the achievements of the European Big Data Value Partnership will be.


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