Scott Jarr, VoltDB

Scott Jarr, VoltDB Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
Scott Jarr is a technology visionary who brings over 20 years of experience building, launching, and growing groundbreaking software companies.

In 2010, Scott co-founded VoltDB after realizing the opportunities available to businesses that could effectively use data to impact the world. Prior to VoltDB, Scott founded, served as board member and advised several early-stage companies in the data, mobile and storage markets. As a key member of the executive team at SaaS pioneer LiveVault, he was instrumental in growing the business that lead to its successful acquisition. Scott has an undergraduate degree in mathematical programming from the University of Tampa and an MBA in entrepreneurship from the University of South Florida.

As part of his commitment to fostering the entrepreneurial spirit in others, Scott serves as a board member and advisor helping other early-stage companies build their businesses.

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