Rapid XML/JSON/NIEM/Open Data Development

Rapid XML/JSON/NIEM/Open Data Development
Oracle 2014

In the context of Big Data, Open Data and information exchanges and analysis, first you have to specify and create your content and its formal structure.
The CAM editor is the leading open source toolkit for building and deploying information exchanges and Open Data APIs using XML or JSON with SQL. The CAM toolkit provides an intuitive approach using a WYSIWYG visual structure editor to dramatically simplify the process of developing and managing XML business information exchanges and schema, including the use of JSON. This gives developers control, insights and analysis that are needed for consistent, interoperable and reliable exchanges.
The CAM toolkit also automates the tasks of generating supporting artifacts such as business documentation, cross-reference spreadsheets, models (UML, XMI), XML Schema, JAXB data bindings and test XML instances generation including SQL data extracts.

DOWNLOAD FACT SHEET (.PDF): CAM-technology-brief

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