Big Data: Three questions to FoundationDB.

Big Data: Three questions to FoundationDB.

Dave Rosenthal, CEO  FoundationDB.

Q1. What is your current product offering?

Today we announced version 3.0 of our flagship product, the FoundationDB Key-Value Store. 3.0 comes with the same level transactional integrity and fault tolerance we’ve always had but with breakthrough new scalability and latency.

Q2. Who are your current customers and how do they typically use your products?

Current customers range from all the way from two-man-startups to large enterprises re-architecting their infrastructure or building new product features with strict data requirements. Some recent public additions include Bede Gaming build a hosted gaming platform, and building a email optimization platform. With 3.0 we see many more enterprises being drawn in because of the performance and scalability, which also plays nicely into our multi-model support. With this new scalability, we’ve also positioned ourselves to enable ‘The Internet of Things’ which is opening up a whole new level of data velocity brought on by the growing number of connected device applications.

Q3. What are the main new technical features in 3.0?

In 3.0 we created a completely new transaction engine with a scalable design. That means there is now no single master machine in the path of transactions, which was previously a bottleneck in our design. With this new engine we are setting a new bar in transactional workload performance. 3.0 is the fastest, most scalable, transactional database in the cloud with a 32 machine cluster running on Amazon EC2 sustaining more than 11,000,000 random writes per second. Aside from performance, 3.0 introduces enhanced centralized database monitoring, which makes it easy for operations teams to manage and run databases in the real world. FoundationDB is able to diagnose dozens of potential hardware bottlenecks centrally and easily integrate that high-level info with existing monitoring infrastructures.
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DEC 10, 2014 – BY Dave Rosenthal, CEO FoundationDB.

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