Cameron Turner, The Data Guild

Cameron Turner, Principal & Co-Founder, The Data Guild
Combining an extensive background in product research, data analysis, program management, and software development, Cameron co-founded The Data Guild in Palo Alto in 2013.
Before this, he founded ClickStream Technologies in 2003, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2009. While at Microsoft, he managed the Windows Telemetry team, responsible for all inbound data for all Microsoft products and partners. Cameron earned a B.A. in Architecture/Engineering from Dartmouth College, an MBA from Oxford University and is currently completing an M.S. in Statistics at Stanford University. He is an active member/speaker with various Bay Area tech groups: GigaOM, O’Reilly Strata, Churchill Club, SOFTECH, Young CEOs Club, The CIO Roundtable and BayCHI.

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