The Sixth Workshop on Big Data Benchmarking – June 16-17, 2015- Toronto, Canada.

Sixth Workshop on Big Data Benchmarking

The Sixth Workshop on Big Data Benchmarking (6th WBDB) was held on June 16-17, 2015 in Toronto, Canada.

Formed in 2012, the Workshop Series on Big Data Benchmarking has conducted five successful workshops, bringing together industry experts and the academic community towards the development of benchmarks for providing objective measures of the effectiveness of hardware and software systems dealing with big data applications.

These workshops have become a leading international forum for discussing and disseminating the latest trends, challenges, and ideas around big data benchmarking and related applications scenarios, in industry and research. Discussions initiated in these workshops have led to the creation of a formal TPC benchmark called, TPCx-HS (for Hadoop Systems). A new TPC working group, called TPC-BigBench, has also been established to develop the next TPC big data benchmark. Ideas for BigBench originated in the WBDB workshops. A SPEC Research Group on Big Data was also formed in October 2014, to discuss benchmarks that model “end-to-end” scenarios for big data, covering different data genres, e.g. graphs, streams, unstructured data, as well as structured records.

The 6th WBDB workshop was focused on the following topics:

  • Ideas and proposals for TPC and SPEC-style benchmarks
  • Synthetic data generation; measurement and metrics
  • Benchmarking next-generation hardware systems
  • Graph analytics
  • New applications scenarios based on social media
  • Socio-cultural dynamics and applications to security and privacy


SPEC Research Group Annual Meeting

The workshop  included the Annual meeting of the SPEC Research Group on Big Data.

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