Intro to HBase via R: A Tutorial

Intro to HBase via R: A Tutorial

BY Aaron Benz , sync up . 04/28/2015

Part I: Intro to HBase

Welcome to a brief introduction to HBase by way of R. This tutorial aims to explain how you can use R through the rhbase package. It will use my custom addition to rhbase which is geared toward using tidyr principles and data.tables/data.frames. Other differences include:

1. Standardized row-key serializer (raw data type)
2. sz and usz functions only apply to the actual data instead of to row-key 3. hb.put – wrapper around hb.insert for easier inputting
4. hb.pull – wrapper around hb.scan for easier retrieval

The tutorial has three parts:

1. Installing HBase, Thrift, and rhbase, with a brief intro to HBase
2. Inserting data into HBase, and basic design/modeling
3. Retrieving data from HBase, doing calculations, and inserting calculations


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