Positioning CortexPlatform – Innovative NoSQL Platform for Analytical Services (PaaAS)

Positioning CortexPlatform – Innovative NoSQL Platform for Analytical Services (PaaAS)

Dr. Wolfgang MartinResearch Letter

–July 2015

CortexPlatform is a cloud-based platform [1] for rapid and agile development and deployment of innovative analytical services. It is especially suited for joint business/ IT projects and governed self-service development tasks performed by power users.
CortexPlatform is based on the bi-temporal, multimodal NoSQL database technology CortexDB. It enables transparent access to transactional and analytical data and eases the management of complex data structures. It has been developed based on findings in brain research.
CortexPlatform use cases span from advanced business intelligence solutions master data management (management of list of materials), to dispositive planning (operational resource planning) and catalogue management (new generation of repositories).

“NoSQL databases are increasingly popular for a range of data-intensive applications that require horizontal scaling. In fact, the NoSQL market will enjoy a 35.1 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2014 to 2020, reaching $4.2 billion by that year, according to Allied Market Research.” [2] Indeed, NoSQL technologies drive the evolution of new, innovative development platforms that offer new approaches to PaaS and PaaAS solutions.

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