Recapping 2015 at Objectivity


2015 marked an exciting year for all of us at Objectivity due to three important developments: we saw the continuing emergence of new technologies for Big and Fast Data, we also saw the growth in demand for Industrial IoT applications and solutions, and lastly, it was also a year of major accomplishments at Objectivity.

Over the last 12 months, we have seen a growing number of organizations elevate the strategic value of their data assets. The first generation of Big Data systems primarily focused on data ingest and batch analysis by leveraging more cost-effective scale-out and cluster computing. Now the emerging importance of Fast Data from various steaming sources, such as sensors, has brought about the recognition that tremendous competitive value can be achieved by narrowing the time gap between data coming in and actionable insights coming out.

The importance of narrowing this gap between data arrival and value realization is particularly great in applications around the Industrial IoT. From utilities and various manufacturing sectors to financial services, public safety and logistics, we witnessed an increasing instrumentation of devices in the form of massive sensor networks generating volumes of streaming Fast Data. As the volume of this new data grows, the need to accelerate sensor-to-insight has been growing at even greater urgency.

During the same time, Objectivity has realized tremendous success in the form of record bookings, double-digit growth in profit, continued growth in headcount by over 20%, and the strengthening of the management team. We also set up Technical Performance and Evaluation Center (T-PEC) to further drive product quality, performance, while working with engineering to shorten the innovation cycle of our products and technology.

The company has also launched a new platform, ThingSpan, to continue our focus on “Enriching Big Data with Fast Data.” We are ending 2015 as a stronger company with better products and technologies. We’re more agile and better able to leverage the growing new market opportunities.

What does all this mean for us in 2016? It means we enter the New Year better positioned to take advantage of ongoing market trends to support more sustainable and scalable growth. We will continue to invest in our people, our technology and our products while keeping an eye on our business practices and structure to ensure we can move quickly and decisively on new opportunities. And as always, we will focus on our customer and partner successes. It is through their success that Objectivity achieves its own.

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