Accenture Technology Vision 2016

Accenture Technology Vision 2016

People First: The Primacy of People in a Digital Age


The primacy of people in the digital age

The Accenture Technology Vision 2016 investigates five trends behind a ‘people-first’ approach: Intelligent automation, liquid workforces, the platform economy, predictable disruption and digital trust.

The end goal? Integrating change into your organizational DNA through the most effective means possible. Your people.


We are pleased to present the Accenture Technology Vision 2016, our annual view of the technology trends that will have a profound impact on enterprises for the next three to five years.

We are in the midst of a major technology revolution— specifically a digital revolution—with digital now dominating every sector of the economy. And we are seeing an important new shift as the technology revolution begins to put people first. To put it simply, as businesses become digital, their people and cultures must become digital, too.

The theme of our Accenture Technology Vision 2016, “People First: The Primacy of People in a Digital Age,” looks at the competitive advantage that awaits companies that move beyond digital culture shock to create a thriving digital culture. And we look at the early adopters who are leading the way.

High performers of the future won’t merely consume more technology. They will enable their people to accomplish more with technology. They will create new corporate cultures that use technology to enable people to constantly adapt and learn, create new solutions, drive change and disrupt the status quo.

The critical message from our Accenture Technology Vision 2016 is counterintuitive. While technology is the driver, it’s the people, not just technology, that will transform organizations for the future. Indeed, digital culture and talent is a clear differentiator in a highly competitive business environment and an increasingly digital world.

The Accenture Technology Vision 2016 is a must-read
for leaders of organizations across industries and around the world. We hope it provides relevant ideas to help you in your journey to become a digital business and guides you as you transform your business—and your people— for digital success.

Pierre Nanterme, Chairman and CEO, Accenture

Paul DaughertyChief Technology Officer, Accenture


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