Resources on kdb+

The world of Kx is enriched immeasurably by the dedicated developers who teach, challenge, and support each other in a number of different kdb+ forums.

Kx Community Meetups
There are currently kdb+ Meetup groups in dozens of countries around the world. A list of upcoming meetups can be found here. Meetups are a great way to network with other developers and learn more about using kdb+/q in a casual setting. They typically take place after work and are free.

Kx Wiki
Please refer to the Kx wiki for documentation and reference guides for programming in kdb+. You will find an introduction and kdb+ tutorials here, as well as a wealth of other important information for building kdb+ applications.

Kx Community
Please join us at for free tools, tips, tricks, and discussion.

kdb+ Google Group
An open Google discussion group for users of the Personal Developer edition of kdb+.

kdb+ Listbox
If you work at a company that has licensed kdb+, submit your company email address to join the kdb+ Listbox here.

Kx on GitHub
Developers from around the world share some of their best kdb+ code, libraries, and frameworks on GitHub, and Kx features them on its corporate GitHub page. Please send along your great kdb+ ideas to

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