A Practical Introduction to Information Retrieval and Text Mining

New in ACM Books, Collection I:

by ChengXiang Zhai and Sean Massung

The most useful and practical knowledge for building a variety of text data applications.
  •     CS Students (Undergrad & Graduate)
  •     Library & Information Scientists
  •     Text Data Practitioners
Text Data Management and Analysis covers the major concepts, techniques, and ideas in information retrievaland text data mining. It focuses on the practical viewpoint and includes many hands-on design exercises with a companion software toolkit (i.e. MeTA) to help you learn how to apply techniques of information retrieval and text mining to real-world text data.  It also shows readers how to experiment with and improve some of the algorithms for interesting application tasks.  The book can be used as a text for computer science undergraduates and graduates, library and information scientists, or as a reference for practitioners working on relevant problems in managing and analyzing text data.
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