Alfa Selects NuoDB’s Elastic SQL Database to Power Cloud Software Platform

Alfa Systems

Cambridge, MA – February 8, 2017 – NuoDB, the elastic SQL database company for cloud applications, today announced that Alfa, creators of the software platform of choice for leading asset finance providers worldwide, will be deploying NuoDB as the underlying database to its market-leading application. By using NuoDB instead of traditionaldatabase platforms, Alfa expects its customers to dramatically improve their return on investment as they experience substantially lower costs, faster performance, and continuous availability through an active-active deployment in Amazon Web Services.

“Our customers depend on our application for end-to-end management of their asset finance businesses,” said Tim Gage, head of Research and Development at Alfa. “This partnership with NuoDB enables us to further increase our value to our customers by minimizing application response times, ensuring application availability, and lowering infrastructure costs – by as much as 90% in some cases.”

Alfa Systems is an end-to-end platform for asset finance that supports a wide-range of customers, including high-profile organizations such as Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, Siemens Financial Services, Toyota Financial Services, and Hitachi Capital Business Finance.

For clients who relied on open source databases, switching to NuoDB provides the ability to easily scale the database – something that had been a challenge as clients increased the number of contracts under management. For those using traditional relational databases, NuoDB provides exceptional functionality and performance at a substantially lower cost.

Cloud applications such as Alfa Systems turn to NuoDB’s elastic SQL database because of its unique ability to maintain transactional integrity through strict consistency and durability guarantees while also making it simple to scale in and out on demand. This elasticity also provides a unique and automatic resilience that cannot be found in other relational databases, which is further supported by NuoDB’s easy-to-deploy active-active functionality.

“Market leaders like Alfa understand that database selection can have a wide-ranging impact on business agility and customer satisfaction, particularly in cloud and hosted environments,” said Stephen Fahey, senior vice president of sales at NuoDB. “We’re proud that Alfa has chosen NuoDB as a critical and strategic partner for its success and look forward to a long relationship.”


Formerly CHP Consulting, Alfa has been delivering systems and consultancy services to the global asset and automotive finance industry since 1990.

Our best practice methodologies and specialized knowledge of asset finance mean that we deliver the largest system implementations and most complex business change projects. With an excellent delivery history over our 26 years in the industry, Alfa’s track record is unrivalled.

Alfa Systems, our class-leading technology platform, is at the heart of some of the world’s largest asset finance companies. Key to the business case for each implementation is Alfa Systems’ ability to consolidate multiple client systems on a single platform. Alfa Systems supports both retail and corporate business for auto, equipment, wholesale and dealer finance on a multijurisdictional basis, including leases/loans, originations and servicing. An end-to-end solution with integrated workflow and automated processing using business rules, the opportunities that Alfa Systems presents to asset finance companies are clear and compelling.

With over 40 clients in 18 countries, Alfa has offices all over Europe, Asia-Pacific and the United States. For more information, visit

CHP Consulting rebranded as Alfa in 2016. Read more.


NuoDB’s elastic SQL database for cloud applications helps customers get applications to marketfaster and reduce their total cost of ownership. Software vendors and ecommerce companies rely on NuoDB to obtain the combination of scale-out simplicity, elasticity, and continuous availability that cloud applications require, with the transactional consistency and durability that databases of record demand.

As a result, customers can capitalize on modern technologies such as cloud computing and containerization to ensure their applications are ready for today’s evolving expectations, as well as any future requirements.

NuoDB is headquartered in Cambridge, MA, USA, with offices in Dublin and Belfast. For more information, visit

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